Bienvenidos a la Biblioteca de Davis

The Davis Library website offers the following resources:
Links for math, science, reading, español and more. There are many useful resources here, great for homework help and for exploring.
Students can also write reviews and create their own reading lists with a user name and password.
Students: Don’t forget that you can use the Davis OPAC (online) catalogue for many purposes! Please contribute book reviews, start putting together your lists of books you want to read, find out what the top ten books are for the week, recommend books to others, and much more!

To create a user name and password, go to the library homepage using the link below and click on “Create account”
Enter your last name and your matric # (your computer login)
Verify your birthdate
Create a username and login (something you will remember!)
Voila! You are logged in and can begin to explore. Don’t forget to check out Destiny Quest for even more options!

To access Free E Books from the Pima County Public Libraries, go to this link and follow the instructions.

Books Online

Library Newsletters/ Noticieros de la Biblioteca

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